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A short version and resources that align with The Carpentries.

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Carpentries style materials

Here are a collection of Carpentries style lessons. These are not part of the official carpentries curriculum, but are a good source of inspiration whenever you need them. Remember to acknowledge the authors according to their license.

Would be awesome if you could add examples! please contact me for questions.

If you want your lessons to be part of the Carpentries curriculum you can propose them to The Carpentries Incubator: The Incubator will serve as a single point of entry for lessons or ideas at any stage in the development process. Some of the lessons here are transitioning to the incubator.


R Genetics and Genomics


Machine Learning with Python


Git - Version Control


Docker / Singularity - Containers

HPC - High Performance Computing

Common Workflow Language (CWL)

GAP - computational algebra


Data Stewardship

Open Source Software

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